Celebration of the official protectors of the Zürich city

Celebration of the official protectors of the Zürich city

Trimis de Redactia la Mie, 09/01/2004 - 22:19

We have received the following invitation from Father Enoiu in Zürich:

„Beloved believers,

Saturday the 11th September 2004, all orthodox believers in Zürich will celebrate St. Felix, Regula and Exuperantius, Martyrs of the Church in the 3rd Century and official protectors of the Zürich city.

The servants and the believers of the Orthodox Churches in the Zürich Canton will participate at this orthodox celebration by the following program:

- 17.15 is the starting hour of the procession from Wasserkirche towards Grossmünster,
- 18.00 is the starting time for the Evening Mass in the Grossmünster Church.

We invite you to our celebration and as it will end with an Apero, you are kindly asked to bring over Romanian food (as much as possible or whatever else).

God bless us!

Father Nicolae Enoiu“

More information on the Zurich Orthodox Romanian Church's site.


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