Drink & Talk in Switzerland

Drink & Talk in Switzerland

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Romanian speakers who live, study and work in Switzerland and who want and who find the time to engage in networking, meet monthly for a couple of hours to share a drink.


Launched in Zurich in September 2012, the informal afterwork meeting series of the ones willing to meet other Romanians to expand their professional network and their friend cirle brought together in the first 15 months over 3000 participants, that debated different topics: work and study field, how they learned German, integration issues, what they can do for Romania.


The participation at these meetings is free of charge, each participant pays for his drink.


The RSPV is due to 6 p.m. on the Friday before the meeting, by filling out the questionnaire.


We appreciate the effort for filling out this questionnaire. This way you can also stay informed about the upcoming meetings and their topics and we can adapt the meeting to the needs and desires of the participants.


There is a follow up online too, on Linkedin. The photo gallery can be accessed on Facebook.


Drink & Talk in Zürich


MentNet- Mentoring Network for Romanian Professionals in Zurich was launched in September 2013 at the Drink & Talk meeting in Zurich. This program intended to establish and consolidate groups based on shared professional interests and meant to develop individual networks and to support, consolidate and mentor the ones that are searching for a work place in the branch: if they are newly arrived, if they want to restart their professional life or if they reached a point in their career where they need a change.

Projects such as The Parenting Club (De vorbă despre Parenting) became reality through the contacts established at these meetings.


In the first two years, the meetings had an ice breaker topic. Starting with 2015, successful Romanians in Switzerland, who can share from their experience in fields such as HR, financial analysis, entrepreneurship, education, psychology and counseling, attended the meeting as special guests.


From September 2016, during the meeting a Job Fair takes place. 




Cătălin Mihăescu



Mădălina Magnusson

Cosmin Păun


Former contributors:

Nicoleta Croitoru

Simona Leonte

Anamaria Anca

Livia Bălăcescu

Elena Budui

Mădălina Bonta


Visual identity:

Andreea Miheț



Drink & Talk in Basel

The members of the Romanian community in Basel meet monthly in different locations. Stay tuned by subscribing to the Newsletter



Valentin Munteanu

Codrin Bucur

Cristina Bronner


Former Contributors:

Alin Vindireu

Christian Betsy



Concept brought in Basel in February 2015


Drink & Talk in Bern


The first months brought together Romanians who work and study in Bern and its surroundings in various professional fields, happy to socialize, establish friendships, talk and make plans.


The meetings take place in different locations in Bern. Stay updated by subscribing to the series Newsletter









Alexandru Lascăr

Simona Schott


Former contributors:

Anamaria Pârvu

Mihai Tănăsescu


Concept brought in Bern in May 2015




Drink & Talk in Lausanne


Rodica Roșu Fridez

Simona Cioroiu 

Mihaela Lazăr

Former contributor:

Monica Neagu

Concept brought in Lausanne in September 2015


Meetings based on the same concept took place in other Swiss cities as well: Geneva, Lucern, St. Gallen. Any spontaneous meeting or pilot project will be announced through Casa Romanilor. 


The meeting series is coordinated by Livia Bălăcescu.


Concept initiated in Zürich, in Septembrie 2012,

With the support of www.casa-romanilor.ch




Last update: Nov 2018





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