Se caută testori din Lausanne sau împrejurimi

Se caută testori din Lausanne sau împrejurimi

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Un startup din Lausanne dezvoltă un serviciu de transfer internațional de bani. Pentru a testa serviciul, Tawipay caută români cu domiciliul în Elveția (preferabil din zona Lausanne), care trimit ocazional sau regulat bani în țară.


Hello !

My name is Pascal Briod, 26 years old, I am the co-founder of a young swiss start-up aiming to help migrants and expatriates by making international money transfers cheaper and more convenient. We are working on a new user-interface of our website and want to extend our offer for Romanian people sending money back home to Romania.

To make sure that our service is helpful and easy-to-use, we are organizing user-testing sessions in Lausanne between the 24th and the 28th of November. I am thus looking for people regularly sending money to Romania that would be willing to test our product during 20 to 30 minutes sessions in Lausanne and help us shape a usefull product for you.

If you're interested, please contact me (076 220 23 10 / and we will arrange a place and a time to meet. Of course, a small compensation will be given to participants to thank them.

I am looking forward to meeting you,


imaginea utilizatorului georgepopescu

Hi everyone, 
It was a great pleasure to meet Pascal and carry on a user study of with him. 
Tawi pay is a platform which helps users explore the different ways to send money worldwide showing them related costs of transactions. 
During our meeting Pascal was very friendly and professional in his approach of eliciting feedback so useful for the further development of the tawipay idea. 
It is thus my pleasure to recommend Pascal to others. Don't hesitate to get in touch with Pascal if you would like to help with comments and suggestions, which are greatly appreciated. 
George Popescu, Lausanne

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